We fly FPV Freestyle and Race for Fun

We are developing FPV quadrocopters that can be 3D printed.


Files for 3D printing can be downloaded here for non-commercial use only, please select an element for more information:

Berlin ZOz0 (5 Inch- Frame- 214mm Wheelbase, 16mm 4xM3)
Newly Available, 3D Printable
Berlin ZOz0 Frame
Modell Name:
comming soon...
Frame Size:
5 inch
Print Weight:
~80 g
Motor Mount:
16mm - 4xM3 (e.g. 2207)
Stack Size:
16mm x 16mm
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Berlin ZOz0 Mini FPV Quadrocopter Frame Prototype (True X Unibody)

Quadrocopter frame for 3D printing (printing with support material is recommended)

for motors with a 16mm diameter mount and 4xM3 screws

matching hood: prototype canopy


- 3D printable, color freely selectable,
- light weight - approx. 80g depending on print settings and material
- 15mm high vertical arms, 8mm thick
- 20mm x 20mm mounting holes for FC/ ESC
- more flexible than carbon fiber and also not so brittle
- recyclable and easy to repair

New features:- Battery strip slot with non-slip surface
- integrated tunnel for cable ties to fix the battery cable
- integrated tunnel for two RX antennas
- battery is mounted on the bottom side

Download ZIP file contains 14mm x 14mm camera holder and 19mm x 19mm camera holder.

Download STL- Files (License: CC BY-NC-SA)*

*The download is at your own resposibility, assumes no liability for damages arising in connection with the file download and its consequences.